Privacy Policy

This policy is designed to assure that information gathered by Blue Lotus Allied Health is used in an appropriate, secure manner, and to provide for access to, and correction of such information.

Information gathered

Over the course of treatment, information is gathered that allows your clinician to make an informed professional decision as to the most appropriate assessment and treatment methods. This information will include basic data such as your name, date of birth, address, etc, as well as other information that is deemed relevant. This will usually include the following:

  • The nature of the problem for which you are seeking treatment;
  • Areas of behaviour related to the presenting problems;
  • A history of the presenting problem;
  • Relevant information from your family history; and
  • Other information necessary to make an informed clinical judgement about the nature of the presenting complaint and other relevant factors

Confidentiality of information

Generally, all information gathered over the course of assessment and treatment at Blue Lotus Allied Health remains confidential. However, there are several notable exceptions:

  • It is normal for clinicians to discuss their case load with an experienced clinician as part of a supervisory relationship. Information on the nature of the case (though not necessarily full identifying information) is shared with the supervisor;
  • If a clinician forms the professional opinion that either the client, or another individual is a risk for significant harm (self or others), a duty of care may exist to act on this information with the aim of preventing such harm;
  • If a file is subpoenaed by the court;
  • If a written Record Release Authority is provided with the client’s signature;
  • Blue Lotus Allied Health contracts a virtual assistant (VA) to assist with administrative tasks (e.g client scheduling and billing). The VA is based in Australia and is bound by a confidentiality agreement. 

Use of information

Information gathered by Blue Lotus Allied Health is used exclusively for two purposes

  • To inform a professional opinion, which is used to guide assessment and treatment; and
  • To evaluate the service provided, through collation of detailed statistics about referral sources, nature of presenting problems, attendance durations, etc. When information is used for this purpose, no identifying information is made available.

Security of information

We store all personal information on a secure electronic platform.

The security of information is important to Blue Lotus Allied Health. Our staff are responsible for maintaining the security of patient information from unauthorised access, to misuse, loss and damage.

Obtaining information

You are entitled to request access to all personal information including your medical record. Normally you will be asked to apply for access in writing and provide identification. You may be charged a fee for copies of your personal information or medical records.

Access to personal information may be declined in some circumstances, such as where giving access would put you or another person at risk of harm, or if it would unreasonably impact on someone else’s privacy.

If you believe the information we hold about you is incorrect and an error has been made, please let us know and we will correct the information. If we believe the information is correct, you may request that your view be noted on the record.

Requests for access to or correction of your medical record can be made by contacting the clinic.